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Rubenstein’s Eugene, Oregon

Thanks for visiting our site!

Let’s get some business out of the way first.

 Rubenstein’s in Eugene has been a great place to buy furniture for nearly a century.   We’re now located at 5th and High, just a few blocks from where my Grandfather started his business years before the Great Depression.

 I can go on and on about our furniture designed for smaller living spaces, how it can all be customized, that it’s all made in America, and that you’ll receive my personal attention and guarantee of satisfaction …and while all that is good for an advertisement…how about shifting gears.

 Let’s think of something meaningful today like  COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

 We all have things that don’t go the way we want them to.  It’s how you deal with those challenges that count. Whether its relationships, health, marriage, business, finances, you name it and I’m sure we can all find something to complain about.   But what good does that do??

 Even if  we haven’t a care in the world and everything seems right, do we realize it and are we thankful?  It’s human nature to want more or desire for things to be better.  That doesn’t make us bad…just human.

 Let’s look at this from another perspective.  We all know people who are ill and are literally trying to make it through day to day, not knowing what’s wrong with them or what the future may hold.  Very often this is a fact someone in our family or a friend must live with and it’s a challenge.  Sometimes it takes tough times to put our life into perspective…we  must deal with life the best we can.  Even if it’s raining now, and it sure is here in Eugene,  it will soon be a beautiful day.  Give someone you know a call and say hi.  I am sure we all know people who would just love to hear from us.  It’s really that simple!

 Ps.  Thanks for the support everyone

 Joe Rubenstein

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